Wig Creation: Ponytail Attached To Crochet Hat

I did quite a bit of research on the internet for a WIG Ponytail Attached to a hat. I did find the ones that hang straight down and Ponytail attached to baseball caps. So I decided to pull out my crochet needle and see what I could come up with and here it is.

I also have to give credit to a beautiful sis (one of my mentor on the internet) A’Kiyia Glenn-Kelly
I have been following her work for a while now.  Check out her creation Crochet Headband Wig on Youtube.


I crocheted the top with single crochet. I also included a headband (The gray attachment). Overall I am pleased with my first attempt “Ponytail Attached To Crochet Hat“.

The Hair is individual hand twists. I used Black n Gold braiding hair


Also, I will be making several more that I plan to sell. Details coming soon.

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