This Psalm is to be sung as you enter the temple. This song tells us that thanksgiving and praise have little to do with emotions; they are choices that we have to make as we prepare our hearts for worship.

So take a moment now and ask yourself:

What am I thankful for?

How can I praise God’s name today?

Don’t be surprised to see your heart change as you do because praise and thanksgiving are designed to take our eyes off of ourselves and place them on the One, who has the power to change us.

We are to enter God’s gates with thanksgiving, and courts with praise. So long as we are receivers of mercy we must be givers. Mercy permits us to enter Gods gates; let us praise that mercy. Let the praise shine in our hearts as well as out of our mouth, and let it all be for Gods Glory. He blessed us to be thankful and give him praise in return; Whatever he does, be sure that you thank him for it; thank him when he takes away as well as when he gives; thank him as long as you live, under all circumstances.

I Pray:
Dear Lord, I am thankful every day for being able to raise with a sound mind and limbs that move. No complaining about life can be worse, but I just want to thank you, Lord. AMEN

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