John 4:24 Amplified Bible 

24 God is spirit [the Source of life, yet invisible to mankind], and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”

My feelings my Interpretation, and I do not expect anyone to be offended and I am not in any cult or satanism.

The topic has been on my mind weighty for some time; Spirituality vs. Religion.

My interpretation is that Spirituality tends to be more personal and private while Religion tends to combine public routines and established doctrines. The connection between one and the other may often not be evident depending on the interpretation.

The church is an institution established by man for various reasons. DO NOT GET ME WRONG I love my church, BUT fellowship with the members is infrequent and is my greatest weakness.

Spirituality is developed in the person. It may be kick started by religion, or by divination. Spirituality reaches to all facets of a person’s life. Spirituality is one’s choice while religion is often forced. Being spiritual to me is significant than being religious. I am focused on caring and loving others more than loving myself (ego and pride). I strive in being nonjudgmental or seeking title and boasting status. My growth evolves from having that intimate personal relationship with God.

True spirituality is something that is discovered deep within. It is a way of loving, accepting and relating to the world and people around you through the Spirit of Love This love is not a feeling, but a choice. It is the choice to be kind, to sacrifice, to consider another need greater than one’s own.

I Pray;
Heavenly Father, by the gift of your Spirit I come to you as your child. Thank you so much for giving me your Spirit so that I can approach you with confidence and know you hear the concerns of my heart. Please accept the worship of my heart, of my words, and of my actions. May the things I do today bring you glory. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.

“Life Is Only What You Make It”

Vernessie M. Joseph-Burbank

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