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Spiritual AWAKE: For My Understanding
How I knew I was spiritual awake is when it became clear it is not for the hypocrisy, and that it is not demonic, satanic, and egotistic thinking. “I AM NOT IN nor FOLLOWING a CULT.”

My mind grew my soul “Spiritual AWAKE” meant looking at everything in and around me. I took a look at myself, my life, and those in my life. I had to look fervent into the situations appearing before me. This was when the healing began, and the change started.

Spiritual AWAKE is when religion alone no longer fulfilled me. My mind, body, and soul hunger for something more deeper. I will always be grateful for the religious teachings and fellowships. I will still have Faith and Belief in the Holy Spirit. I had to work on this issue of Trust by learning to trust myself through the energy of my spirit. Listening to my feelings gave me the means to depend on myself rather than relying entirely on others.

I have blogged about this before: Click the link Spirituality vs. Religion

Also, my life started to get better, and I was finally able to encounter that spiritual high. I could admire and appreciate the simple things in my life; I could understand people that used to spark negative energy in my life, and I could understand my struggles. Most importantly, I could understand myself.

Just remember that the tree of life is represented by having a connection between the four earth elements (earth, wind, air, and fire), and is a representation of the infinite link of all things in creation. That is why I am Spiritual AWAKE: For My Understanding.


I am sharing two links to great articles I found on the internet relating to Spiritual Awakening

11 Signs You May Be Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening by Kristen Butler


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