Psalm 142:3 Amplified Bible

3 When my spirit was overwhelmed and weak within me [wrapped in darkness],
You knew my path.
In the way where I walk
They have hidden a trap for me.

Lately, my mind has been on overload. For many days everything feels upside down, hopeless, or just completely non-stop. I feel stress, distraction, and exhaustion in my life. I remember the very early years of my marriage, motherhood, and career. The daily responsibilities to meet my obligations to my children, husband, and job were a priority, and I had no difficulty accomplishing them. I did so with great pride and joy to make sure I set a foundation of morals and values for my family; most importantly self-sufficient, independence to achieve and succeed in life.

I always stressed to myself and my family that “Life Is Only What You Make It.” Now that I have reached the age of deciding on Retirement, my “Second Act” for my life. Fear is starting to consume my mind day and night about many things: my aging body, menopause, and declining strength. Most importantly, financial concerns due to dwindling income.

I keep telling myself, that it is an honor to live many years with the wisdom that comes from so much experience in my life to pass down to my daughters and grandchildren if only they would listen.

The Bible has become my source of wisdom, and the more I study and understand, the deeper my understanding can grow. I can also add more in-depth knowledge and insights to my marriage and family, communication with co-workers and others in business, hobbies, planning and the most importance in love.

As I stated earlier, “Life Is Only What I Make It,” which means I have the freedom to make choices. God tells me the right way to go, but I have to decide to do so.

I will put my trust in God to help me to make the right choice for my Retirement “Second Act.”

I Pray:
God give me a hand for my burdens. It’s all too much. I’m tired and frustrated and so very worn out for my mind is on overload day and night. Quiet my mind to hear you. I release it all to you so I can experience the gift of peace. AMEN

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