Well, I have to be the strong one, and say I am sorry if I offend you with my written words. I am not sorry for what I write, but I am sorry if you are offended. You may not understand why I am trying to lead a “positive” lifestyle in every area of my life. My attitude determines most of what I will experience each day. It is something that I find easy to neglect. I want to be someone others WANT to be around because I lift their energy, attitude, and spirit.

We can achieve a serene state of mind by exploring healthy ways to combat negative energy. Anxiety and nervousness can build inside us and affect our actions and our rule of mind. Rather than allowing our negative energy to push us into endless activities, we can choose to release it in conscious, healthy ways. Turning our thoughts to less nerve-racking manners will also have a positive effect on our bodies. We then feel calm and peaceful as we go about our daily activities. Burning off negative energy will help to regain inner balance and peace.

Having a positive attitude is imperative to being successful and manifesting our goals. A fully functioning positive attitude comprises TWO essential components:
1. Willingness to look at yourself and a desire to change.
2. Being open to new ideas and concepts

There is more to life than what we see. Each of these components plays an integral part in our overall disposition on a daily basis. Doubts and fears can create cracks in the foundation of these components. These cracks negatively impact our ability to generate positive energy, We all have difficulty continually demonstrating an entirely positive attitude throughout an entire day.

Some of the things that bring positive energy into my life include:
Meditating –  Writing – Reading – and Focusing on gratitude.
How do you create positive energy?

“Life Is Only What You Make It”
Vernessie M. Joseph-Burbank

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