7 L.O.C.S. Of Hair Love Of CROCHET Stuff

It was started in 2020, although the idea began earlier and on a slightly different path. I have always loved crafting and making things unique, but it wasn’t until I created my very first doll, “Serenity,” in 2020 that the idea blossomed, and I just fell in love with doll-making!

I didn’t know right away that this was something people would want to see from me, but as my interest grew. I worked to increase my skills and create newer, more innovative dolls. I finally saw my path, and I’ve been working each day to bring a smile to little black and brown children, who need to see themselves in the dolls they play with.

Doll-making is incredible, and I love to see how each doll takes shapes and adopts a personality as she reaches completion. This isn’t just about dolls. It’s about MEMORIES, and a handmade doll is also a keepsake! So let me exceed your expectations with a custom handmade doll just for you! If you are interested in having your own special crochet Doll feel free to contact me for order information by email at 7l.o.c.s.ofhair@gmail.com.


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