I am so hyped and humbled.

I did it Self Published my first book on AMAZON.

Since February 2019, my manuscript draft has been sitting in Google DOCS, waiting for me to make a decision of who going to publish it. After much thinking and the push from my daughters and watching several YouTube videos, I was able to upload my saved Google Doc onto the Amazon Kindle platform and my book is available independently published. If you would like to support me you can purchase the book 7 L.O.C.S. Of Hair Love/Loss Of Cherished Stuff

I want to thank and acknowledge several ladies that have been a true inspiration on my journey.

Chauncyne Kinion

      Business Owner – Web Designer

The first person is  Mrs.Chauncyne Kinion  

This lady has been on this journey with me since she designed my website for my blog. I have never met her face to face. But as an internet friend, I feel like I have been knowing her forever. She has been absolutely amazing. I would not be as far on my journey if it was not for her help. I could call her day are night and talk for hours. Click on her image to take you to her website for information.

C Kinion Design LLC: CKinionDesign.com
Specializing in:
Web Development
Logo Design
Graphic Design
Search Engine Optimization

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            Aisha Adams Social Media Coach

The next person I like to acknowledge is Mrs. Aisha Johnson Adams. She has been an amazing social media coach and internet friend. She also was available as a great listener and advisor. Click on her image to take you to her website for information. Mrs. Aisha also has a book available on Amazon Vegan Curious

May be an image of Anissa Joyce Pennyman and smiling

Anissa Joyce Pennyman Owner Skin Care Products & Divine Energy Wellness Coach   

This awesome lady Mrs. Anissa Renee Pennyman has been with me on this journey also as a true internet friend as well as an awesome person that kept me grounded and focused to keep striving and to never give up on my dream. I could call her day are night and she always had a listening ear. Click on her image to take you to her website for information.


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          Mysheka Ross – Nonprofit Owner                      The Lighthouse Of Restoration                                   Organization, INC.

          The next person that motivated me is the awesome Miss Mysheka Ross. Nonprofit owner Motivational Speaker. After I retired I started attending her weekly motivational classes and there was one class that she presented that helped me to step out of my comfort zone and I am so thankful and humbled to her. She also published her own book which is available on Amazon 25 Years To Life.

May be an image of Krystle Depass-Lynch, standing, jewelry and flower

          Krystle Depass-Lynch Pastor                              Dream Alive Publishing


Last but not least, I must acknowledge Krystle DepassLynch this lady is a woman of many talents. I did reach out to her to publish my book through her publishing business. But, as I stated above I decided to go independent. She was there also as my coach and motivational advisor.  

Mrs. Krystle also has her own book publishing and coaching service Dream Alive Publishing.  Feel free to reach out to her. She also has several books on Amazon Her Books.


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Thank You to all my Blog and Social Media Followers most of all

Thank You, GOD MY Higher Power

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