I was just now reminiscing on my upbrings and remembering my Dad and “Music Memories,” what it means to me. I remember Fridays went my dad got off work and came home and would crank up the record stereo player. Music blasting from speakers all over the house and in the yard (even in the bathroom). He loved “Music.” Back then it was R&B songs from groups like the Temptations, Delfonics, Spinners, Whispers, Impressions, Emotions, Diane Ross & Supremes, etc… The list goes on and on.

I remember looking forward on Saturday afternoon watching “Soul Train.” How exciting it was to see the celebrity singers and the Soul Train Dancers were “off the chain” Lol.


What got me to thinking about the music of my era and of the music that is played today had me thinking what a difference. The above-listed names of groups I remember have faded and have been replaced with Rap music now called Trap music.

Do not get me wrong I have nothing against Rap music artists, in fact, my favorite Rapper is Tupac and Snoop Dog. (Yes, I listen to Rap Music).

Now, this trap music it is “hip-hop electronic music.” My favorite of this era is Future and Migos. Read this article I came across on the web to explain “trap music.” History of Trap Music By Sammy Lee 

Last but not least is “Neo-Soul” music R&B that is made for a more jazzy, funk sophisticated taste. Neo-Soul is real. It is associated with hip hop not to be confused with gangsta rap, trip-hop, classic soul, and street culture. The term was originated by Kedar Massenburg from Motown records in the late 90s. Of this sound, my favorite Neo Soul Artist is none other than the infamous Erykah Badu.

Who was your favorite artist and music era?

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