This Post is my most liked on Instagram. Being Authentic. Why this excited me is because I have been so scared to put a face with my brand/business 7 L.O.C.S. Of Hair™ this photo reveals my everyday look no makeup and dressed up for the camera image.

I have been trying to build my brand 7 L.O.C.S. Of Hair™ 

Special Crochet Doll

Blogger, Amigurumi Doll Crafter Creator
The start of the COVID-19 pandemic allowed me to improve my crochet skills. Thank you to every one of you who commented and liked the Instagram and Facebook posts of my crochet projects. The love shown has me on cloud nine.

My artistic passion for creating Amigurumi Dolls is to promote pride and confidence in children of color, particularly girls, to resist low self-esteem and accept the Black Pride of Crochet Dolls representing their image. As far as pricing, I try to be competitive based on other sellers’ similar item pricing. I will not underprice another merchant to try to get your business. I will put my heart and soul into my work and send you something elegant and unique. I try to price what I believe is a fair price.


Do not just like my post ask me how you can order your own custom one-of-a-kind crochet doll that you can treasure for life. For information please reach out to me through my email at

PLEASE NOTE. I am a one-person operation. I do all my work, and sometimes it does take a little more time if I get multiple orders in at once. I typically work in the order they are received. Thank you.

NOTE: Do not let my price $100 disinterest you CAN PAY IN INSTALLMENTS

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