The individual goal of all criticism is to determine the meaning and importance. To learn, you must love discipline.

This scripture is simple but heartfelt.

Proverbs 15:31 Good News Translation
31 If you pay attention when you are corrected, you are wise.

1. How well do you listen?
2. Especially to those criticizing you?
3. Why is it hard to accept criticism?

Willingness to simply take correction and instruction is a condition for wisdom. If you dislike being reprimanded, then you reject knowledge, which is necessary for successful living. If you want to be wise, then you must learn to accept advice.

The main rule for life is the importance of gaining wisdom through correction, instruction, rebukes, reproofs, and warnings of others.

What is a reproof? It is when someone reveals disapproval of your behavior, activities, expectations, etc.; when they reprimand you for doing something wrong; when they criticize or warn you that your current path in life is foolish and will end in grief.

Every person thinks they are right, and resents anyone who reprimands and reminds them about the foolishness of their choices, character, or conduct.

Reproof is a compelling use of speech, provided love drives it guided by wisdom. Criticism is not pleasing to our disgraced life, but we learn to value it for the results it brings.




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