Psalm 94:19 Amplified Bible, Classic Edition

19 In the multitude of my [anxious] thoughts within me, Your comforts cheer and delight my soul

I express myself through written words better than in spoken words. I hope that once you read this post, you realize that  LOVE means the world to me. I hope you, can understand that this has been a soul-searching time in my life that I had to go through due to my life choices.

My past life experiences; short sale of my home, becoming a renter, issues on my job, the passing of my father, my husband’s heart attack, retirement, and going through menopause became the awakening for me.

My mindset and actions, lately, have been uncertain. I questioned myself and GOD through fear, hate, doubt, and shame. I had to take a deep look into my soul and get into an agreement and accept responsibility for the choices I made. I had to pray and ask GOD for forgiveness for me to move forward and set morals and values for my husband, children, and grandchildren.

It has been a daily journey of letting go, through Walking by Faith through WORD from GOD for only HE could bring my future into existence, through my mind and spirit of HIS “LOVE.” I had to learn not to just care about myself, and my finest qualities, I had to embrace my negative impulses, imperfections, mistakes, and heartaches. Once, I achieved that, is when I was able to experience GOD’S LOVE”.

I encourage you to help me to stay in the agreement and accept responsibility for the values that I stand for, and I invite you to support me through this journey. For, only the guided power of God’s WORD has provided me with all the answers that I needed to ease my deepest wounds, overcome my limitations, and overcome my challenges. Having overcome my “ego” and “false self” has inspired and woken me up to seek more information by doing it GOD’S WAY through LOVE.

No more tears shed; fear, hate, shame, and doubt will not control my life any longer – letting go and sharing my life experiences through my blog has been therapy and lifted a weight off my shoulders.

Vernessie M Joseph-Burbank
“Life Is Only What You Make Of It.”


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