“But the LORD GOD keeps me from being disgraced. So I refuse to give up because I know God will never let me down.”

I was living life as a hypocrite Christian; I was so confused and at my lowest point in my life. Through Faith and Prayer a light went on in my head: Let Go- of everything that hinder me emotionally; self-esteem issues, fears, family drama, just all of it! All the crap, the baggage, the tears, the negativity, the procrastination, the devil, the enemy, false and unrealistic expectations of myself and others.

It has allowed me to experience The Spirit working deep in my soul to form spiritually me: and to teach me to practice GOD Law of following The Spirit so I can be an encouragement to others to hunger for Him. I am getting to know me, for who I am. Not what society says I’m supposed to be. I have learned that happiness keeps me sweet, trials keep me strong, sorrows keep me, human, life keeps me humble, success keeps me glowing, but only GOD keeps me going!!!

Letting Go-“Doing It GOD’S Way” is confirmation that I no longer have to live with guilt, shame, and doubt in my life. Fearing others judgment of me, I know this path is a lifestyle commitment and that I am not perfect but by the grace of GOD I will forsake my sins and do His will.

2 Corinthians 2:14 American Standard Version (ASV)

14 But thanks be unto God, who always leadeth us in triumph in Christ, and maketh manifest through us the savor of his knowledge in every place.

Wherever we go, God uses us to make clear what it means to know Christ. It’s like a fragrance that fills the air.”
The opportunity is for our private confusing worlds and supernatural reality to meet in understanding. What it means to follow “GOD Spirit” into the depths of people’s souls, including our own; so that we can
(1) enjoy GOD,
(2) accept ourselves,
(3) engage with others in the energy of CHRIST.

“Life Is Only What You Make Of It”
Vernessie M. Joseph Burbank

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