My heart is heavy,
The media have been flooded with the problem of Bullying & School Class Clown

My granddaughter is in 5th grade and has this kid in her classroom at school that is the class clown.

The reason this is heavy on my heart is that the kid lives two doors from me and I have been taking him to and from school out of the kindness of my heart since he is in my granddaughter classroom at school.


My granddaughter has come home several times complaining how the kid on a daily base disrupts the classroom by talking, laughing, speaking out of term and talking back to the teacher and as a result has had the other students very angry with his actions. (note he is not the only class clown) BUT my granddaughter says he is the worse.

She has asked me to stop transporting him to and from school. Should I honor her request? as she said, “he annoys her with his behavior.” She has complained of stress headaches and cried because of his behavior.

Is Bullying and class clown a cry for help?

“Life Is Only What You Make It”

Vernessie M. Joseph-Burbank

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