Just my personal feeling: “I am a Scrooge-Introvert, & I am cool with that.” The reason I am blogging on this topic is that this time of the year is very annoying for me because of the gift-giving and receiving. Do not get me wrong; I love everything else about the Christmas season–celebrating with family, friends, sitting by the fireplace, and eating good ole comfort foods. Most important for me are volunteering and serving–feeding the less fortunate a hot meal.

These words embrace all life:
Corinthians 10:31 American Standard Version (ASV) 31 Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.

The stress of “Forced Gift Giving” becomes annoying for me this time of year. To me, society has lost focus of the true meaning of Christmas. For me, it’s about being grateful and thankful for the birth of the Christ child. Over the past years since my kids have grown into adulthood, I no longer make a big fuss about gift-giving or receiving gifts. Don’t get me wrong; I give gifts to my grandchildren for Christmas but NO ONE ELSE. It has been that way for years. Birthdays are when I feel would be the important date for gift-giving.

Over the years, gifts were given to me, but I have never been one to return the same gesture to ANYONE. I will send a card to friends and family, and I can do something compassionately without spending money. Making the sacrifice to spend time with them will be the greatest gift from me.

My question: Should I refuse to receive gifts since I DO NOT GIVE GIFTS? Would that be tacky to state that?

“Life Is Only What You Make It”

Vernessie M. Joseph-Burbank

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