7 L.O.C.S. Of Hair™





How my brand name 7 L.O.C.S. Of Hair™ was birthed from a blog to a selftaught Amigurumi Doll Creator for African American little girls.


(Specializing BRAID, TWIST, and CORNROW Hairstyles) 

My Vision for 7 L.O.C.S. Of Hair™ – LONG-TERM

Is to provide handmade crochet dolls with cornrow and individual box braid hairstyles. Dolls for African American little girls who suffer from hair loss. My goal is to prove myself as an independent “self-taught doll maker.” I stepped out of my comfort zone and determined to provide top-notch, quality crochet creations to my customers and prospective customers.

My inspiration to become a doll creator began during this COVID-19 Pandemic. After I retired from working for 26 years with L.A. County. I initially started continually blogging about my hair loss due to menopause, and my journey regrowing my hair by restarting my third set of locs. Then I decided to improve my crochet skills. For me, making dolls is therapy to quiet my mind as a form of meditation, allowing me to use my creative crochet skills. PLUS, I have the pleasure of working on a doll at my own leisurely pace, and it is a way of empowering little girls who suffer from hair loss.


My symbolic Crown, which is my Hair, represents victory, power, beauty, splendor, honor, and dignity. Begins with my interpretation of the biblical scripture Judges 16 Samson and Delilah’s story, which reminded me just how important it is to guard my heart and follow The Highest God. 

Judges 16:22 Amplified Bible, Classic Edition 

22 But the Hair of his head began to grow again after it had been shaved.

Samson was born a Nazirite, and he was gifted with supernatural strength to do God’s work in the nation of Israel. He fell in love with a woman called Delilah. The Philistines influenced Delilah to entice Samson and find out his weakness, which was his seven braids of Hair that became his strength too, for vengeance upon the Philistines for their torture on his life?

My interpretation, through research, is The Highest God is communicating the idea of divine boldness, completeness, perfection, and inner wisdom of spiritual wholeness using the number 7

July is the 7th month of my birth, is a month for reflection and meditation.

That is where my skills come into play:

Mission Statement:

“Each braided or twisted strand of hair that I hand sew onto the doll head takes time and energy that I value through LOVE of creating each doll hairstyle.”

Plus I will be creating

🔷Handmade Crochet Ponytail Headband Hat with Attached Braid or Twist Strands. 


The braid or twist strands are attached to a headband and are comfortable to wear with your natural hair. I created this precisely as a go-to protective style worn when you are in a rush or having a bad hair day. It can also serve as a hat.

The type of hair I use is

100% Kanekalon


Hot Water Safe

Excellent Quality

Minimal Hair Shedding

I’m here to help you.


If you want a doll that is as unique as you are, make an appointment for your free consultation. You can contact me through my email 7l.o.c.s.ofhair@gmail.com

Thank you kindly,

Mrs. Vernessie Merie Joseph-Burbank

So that is how I came up with my brand name

7 L.O.C.S. Of Hair™


Evolved first from my Blogger website My Natural Hair 2nd Journey


Next came my WordPress Blog, “Vernessie’s Journey.” 

Vernessie's Journey

Experience Through Menopause



7 L.O.C.S. represents LOVE/LOSS Of Cherished Stuff

which is my upcoming book.

Sit back and continue on this journey with me.





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