Who Is Vernessie Joseph-Burbank? RETIRED, Proud Woman of GOD, Wife to my wonderful husband of 38 years, mother of two daughters and proud grand/great-grand mother of five “Stars Of My Life.” Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, raised in Compton, California, planned to retire in Phoenix,Arizona instead now a resident of Laurel,Mississippi. Blogging my passions natural hair, food, health, and spirituality. Over the past few years, I have been taking a survey of my life.

It took a while for me to stop living the lie of fear, doubt, and insecurity. I knew these beliefs didn’t line up with God’s character or promises, but it’s taken an extended study in the truth of God’s Word to renew my mind and put me in the path of wisdom and understanding.

Perhaps the lie that’s stung most for me. I care deeply about people, but I need time alone to recharge to be able to give them my best. It’s taken me years to view this as good stewardship rather than some flaw I need to overcome. The main thing that’s kept me from loving people well has been my attempt to be someone I’m not. The more I’ve tried to “fit in,” knowing well that I was not comfortable. I love people different.

For those who may understand, I have chosen to follow a “holistic/spiritual lifestyle.” My deep passion and interest in eating healthy started when I reached my “mid-life change.” That is when I started battling with my weight and trying every fad diet.

Faced with the pivotal choice to either continue a path of self-destruction through my diet and lifestyle or to face my internal fears and dig deep for what was at the root of my suffering. Making this strong move to getting on track, to aligning myself with my body and appreciating all of who I am required willpower and dedication in listening to my mind, body, and soul. The ultimate goal of my holistic healing is wholeness. In achieving wholeness, I must consider all aspects of my life including:

Respecting my body
Healing my relationship
Caring for my environment
Showing love for all humankind
Living my life purpose

“Life Is Only What You Make It”
Vernessie M. Joseph-Burbank


Self-Taught Crochet Doll Creator

Retired, after 26 years of service with Los Angeles County. Spiritual Blogger, Proud Mother, Wife, Grandmother, Woman Of God!!!
Sharing my personal struggles regarding my hair loss, menopause and how this journey has impacted my life.
Plus how I launched my Crochet Doll Business during the COVID-19 Pandemic September 9, 2020.




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