Would you like a custom handmade crochet doll feel free to reach out to me for information by email at 7l.o.c.s.ofhair@gmail.com.

I wanted to say thank you so much for your interest in having me create a crochet doll for you. I am all new to this doll-making art. Anyway, I will send you an Order Form, photo of yarn colors to make a selection for the skin tone of your doll. (PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL INBOX).

I am creating each doll with “LOVE” therefore NO TWO DOLLS will ever be created the same. Note: I hope you will be considerate in allowing me to work on your doll over a 30 day period. Also, please note, I will communicate with you through email.

As far as pricing, I try to be competitive based on other sellers’ similar item pricing. I will not underprice another merchant to try to get your business. I will put my heart and soul into my work and send you something elegant and unique. I try to price what I believe is a fair price which is the start price of $100.00 dollars plus shipping.

Saying that to keep my cost as low as possible, I work on Amigurumi Projects on my two days off work. In doing this, I can spread out my work and charge you less. With that said, please allow 30 days to get your handmade item.

PLEASE NOTE. I am a one-person operation. I do all my work, and sometimes it does take a little more time if I get multiple orders in at once – there may be a delay, so please contact me if you are in a hurry for your items since I typically work in the order they are received. Thank you.

If you have questions and need to contact me feel free and email me at 7l.o.c.s.ofhair@gmail.com.


SERENITY My 1st Crochet Doll

Crochet Doll 2 “Xquisite”


Crochet Doll 3 “Vernessie”






Crochet Doll 4

Crochet Doll 5


Crochet Doll 6


Crochet Doll #9 Happy Customer “Happy Monday! My baby is here I love it!!!❤😘 thank you i purchase this for my daughter im having second thoughts😁







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