Let me first start out by saying I “Stepped Out My Comfort Zone.” As I have shared on my blog/website through my writings, my spiritual words of encouragement, and my journey of alopecia hair loss and the birthing of accepting who I am “It’s My Season For, etc…”

How this happened for me, is a connection meeting with Mysheka Ross, a young single mother, entrepreneur, of her non-profit The lighthouse Of Restoration, Inc., author of her released book 25-Years To Life by Mysheka Ross

After having a conversation with her and sharing our life journey of ups and downs. My “gift of helper” motivated me to volunteer with her non-profit. Her mission is to motivate and encourage young single mothers and grandmothers to strive and stay focused and empowered to achieve success for themselves and their loved ones. (You can click on the highlighted link above) to be directed over to her website to learn more about her non-profit.

Mind you, my blog/website “It’s My Season For, etc…” has been shared and viewed only online for the past year. (My two-year anniversary is approaching Dec 15, 2017) “YAY.” I had never shared or spoke about it in a public setting. So when Mysheka Ross asked me to share it in her monthly meeting with the ladies attending, I was at first going to say “NO.” But instead, that is when I realize that was my opportunity to “Step Out My Comfort Zone.” I was very nervous in the beginning, yet GOD allowed the words to flow from my mouth and share and bring my blog to life. I want to thank Mysheka Ross for giving me the opportunity to share my life journey. Also, I will make every effort to volunteer and share wherever she needs me to assist. I truly honored.

“Life Is Only What You Make It”
Vernessie M. Joseph-Burbank

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