Why I Love Blogging Because it is therapy to quiet my mind about everyday worries about family, health and aging, nagging thoughts about money, the rehashing of arguments and relationship complications, and the unending planning of events? Blogging permits me to be a little more open in revealing my feelings and beliefs.

While I’ve never been a follower, blogging has allowed me to embrace my gift of written expression. For the most part, I feel that I’m different from everyone around me; they don’t or won’t understand me. I have always been known as the shy-square one. Even my siblings have always called me “grandma.”

Not many in person understand blogging. I have never been a follower, so I have my dreams and goals. I know a small piece of where God is taking me, and people in person don’t seem to understand that.

The truth is that I am an introvert, and known for being quiet. Love to write instead of speaking. Society tells me to speak up and speak out, even if that means my sentences are filled with useless chatter. I’ll take silence over bullshit any day.

The trials that introverts face, I understand them for the most part, I just stay to myself. I don’t like keeping up appearances. I love being a spectator in the background. For that reason, I rather remain unobligated to anyone or anything. Others could care less why I blog.

If you are a Blogger Why Do You Blog?



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