Retirement 3-23-2017

As I reflect on today’s date 9-23-17, I am reminded that it marks six months since the day I quit/retired from my employment with L.A. County Environmental Health.

Reflecting on what has happened and how that has shaped my life path has me accepting the way things have happened. Without judging or criticizing myself, perhaps today I can connect the dots of my past, putting them into a full picture of my present life and future.

Considering where I have been enabled me to see where I am headed. By searching my past today, I recognize patterns in my actions that will, in turn, help me to live my life more completely.

For one I have no regrets.

“Life Is Only What I Make It”

BUT I did have regrets in the beginning. Doubt did take over my mind for the past five months. But as I have found my passion and am now bringing it to the vision.


The reality of enjoying the simple things in life is very rewarding.

  1. Not having to get up for work is the greatest happiness for ME
  2.  Having my cup of coffee sitting on my porch in the morning is so invigorating.
  3. Just being able to maneuver through life unhurried.

Thank You, Lord.

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