Custom Handmade Crochet Doll

Would you like a custom handmade crochet doll feel free to reach out to me for information by email at I wanted to say thank you so much for your interest in having me create a crochet doll for you. I am all new to this doll-making art....


7 L.O.C.S. Of Hair Love Of CROCHET Stuff It was started in 2020, although the idea began earlier and on a slightly different path. I have always loved crafting and making things unique, but it wasn't until I created my very first doll, "Serenity," in 2020 that the...

Anxiety Attacks Is No Joke

Anxiety Attacks Is No Joke.  Anxiety is your body's natural acknowledgment of stress. It's a feeling of fear or worries about what's to come. Anyone who can understand this anxiety disorder through experience knows I am not lying, and I am not crazy, but it is a real...

Please Support DonorsChoose Charity

Please Support DonorsChoose Charity I am supporting my niece a public school teacher in need of funding "Please Join Me" Support my niece Ms. Brittany Joseph's classroom with a gift that fosters learning.   DonorsChoose Supplies for Success is a charity that...

Y’all dressed like Freddy Kurger

Cousin, I want to thank you for your Facebook comment "Y’all dressed like Freddy Kruger My spouse and I were genuinely offended by the comment. We wondered why our photo compared to Freddy Kroger. We were going to respond with negative feedback, but as we pondered on...

My 7th Handsewn Individual Braids Wig

          THANK YOU, LORD!! Vision and prayers are coming to reality. Today my 7th Wig is going on display for sale at the beauty supply/salon  Sadie Js Beauty Supply and Salon in Apple Valley, CA. Thank you to my daughter Vernesha for...


Self-Taught Crochet Doll Creator

Retired, after 26 years of service with Los Angeles County. Spiritual Blogger, Proud Mother, Wife, Grandmother, Woman Of God!!!
Sharing my personal struggles regarding my hair loss, menopause and how this journey has impacted my life.
Plus how I launched my Crochet Doll Business during the COVID-19 Pandemic September 9, 2020.




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