Let’s get one thing clear; I am not a bible scholar, pastor, nor an evangelist. I am one of GOD disciple walking by Faith and applying WORD to my daily life with actions. I may sound corny to some people, but I had an “‪Aha‬ Moment‬” and just wanted to share. I have been blogging on the web since 2009 and could never really understand why and the direction it would take me.

RETIRED, Proud WOMAN OF GOD, wife, mother, grandmother blogging about my passions for food, my health, and spirituality. Now a

self-taught local wigmaker striving to market my wigs because I consider it my business. My target market is women suffering hair loss.

In my Erykah Badu voice “i’m sensitive about my shit”

My brand logo trademark is pending
























Over the past few years, I have taken a survey of my life. It took a while for me to stop living the lie of fear, doubt, and insecurity. I knew these beliefs didn’t line up with God’s character or promises, but it’s taken an extended study of the truth of God’s Word to renew my mind and dismantle that deception. I had to humble myself and listen to GOD and follow the direction/path He paved for me. My awakening became apparent when I lost my hair.

I shared with my sister that the web has been the platform I have been sharing my gift. I never understood why I was blogging, but now I know why. I have been sharing my story in the hope that my words of “Encouragement” awaken not just ME to achieve and move forward no matter what obstacles or setbacks come before me.

I have earned Bragging Rights to say “It’s My Season For etc…” and “Vernessie’s Journey is my story/testimony.

Vernessie's Journey


Stay tuned more to come

“Life Is Only What You Make It”
Vernessie M. Joseph-Burbank

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