During my online researching over the past two years, I watched many YouTube videos, read several beauty blogs, and joined several online communities, to find the best combination of hair oils and DIY remedies that would help my hair to grow healthy, and to look nice.
 The reason I decided to cut back using commercial brand shampoos and conditioners is that they are full of chemicals. For the years of wearing perms, weaves, tight ponytails in the middle of my head, tight cornrows, and braid extensions that I wore 90% of the time, my hair suffered extensive abuse. It was always dry, dull and lacking luster and shine. Nothing I used was helping my hair to retain moisture, and I invested in lots of commercial brand hair products that were full of chemicals. As a result of the use of the chemical products and improper hair care, due to lack of knowledge, my hair started falling out.
 Through my researching, I discovered my hair was stripped of it’s natural oils, from the harsh chemicals in the shampoos and conditioners. I learned that shampoo was completely unnecessary and ultimately was hindering the health of my hair. So, I was willing to stop using my expensive hair products and try something a little different to reach my healthy hair goal. I decided  I would experiment with using olive oil, coconut oil, and black castor oil to see if my hair would return to its truly natural healthy state. That is when I came across a sister on Google+ by the name of Kellie Jackson, Owner of Earth’s Natural Secrets hair care products. I started using her handmade natural hair products, and my hair has started growing back slowly, but surely I can see hair growth.
Since I started the use of the “natural oils” for my hair I am convinced that the need for the commercial brand products is not necessary for me.
“Life Is Only What You Make It”
Vernessie M. Joseph-Burbank

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